Dollywood Announcements for 2017

This morning Dollywood has announced all of plans that they have for 2017. I am happy to report that this is a good follow up. With Lightning Rod being such a huge attraction, these won’t compare in the slightest, but at least its not a complete wash.

First we have Drop Line, and 200ft drop tower that will likely be place in the old Timber Tower location.


Second we have Whistle Punk Chaser, a junior coaster that will also be in the same area as Drop Line.



Third, we have TailSpin Racer. New racing mat slides for Dollywood’s Splash Country.


Finally they plan to add a new show of sorts, and also add extra operating evenings in October to do what they are calling Pumpkin Luminights. This will be in addition to the Harvest Festival that is already going on.



All in all, this is looking like a pretty decent year. Like I said previously, it would be very hard to have announcements that could match up to Lightning Rod. This is a very good follow up year, and lets all just hope that Lightning Rod can be in full operation in 2017.

Links to Dollywood’s official post –>

Corey Mathery





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