Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights Overview!

So this past weekend before Halloween, my Dad and I decided to take the drive up to Pittsburgh to go to Kenny wood. We had heard great things about Phantom Fright Nights, which I will be referring to as PFN for the rest of this post.

We actually stopped by the Monroeville Mall before our visit for the reason that Kennywood did not open until six o’clock. We were there to check out the Dawn of the Dead memorabilia that they have hung on the wall right inside the entrance of the mall. If you are into any of Romero’s films, you should really check it out. If you did not know, the original Dawn of the Dead was filmed inside the Monroeville Mall.

We also walked down the hallway where the filming of them going into the safe room was held.


Very cool to check out, especially if you are a Dawn of the Dead fan!

So after out little trip to the mall, we headed towards Kennywood, and we were some of the first people to arrive at the park entrance. They open the gates around 5:45, and we headed immediately to the Rip Tour booth. We got the $70 option, and I can not highly recommend it enough. It was truly worth the money. Especially the farther we got into the evening.

The evening was all around FANTASTIC! Compared to the dud that was the Cedar Point haunt. I believe that Kennywood PFN is right up there with Kings Islands Halloween Haunt. Very cool, and I would recommend this event to anyone that is into Halloween events.


The Scare Zones

Death Valley – Was a very cool zone. Had a very nice western theme to it, and my second time going through the zone was even more awesome for the fact that all of the scareactors were all out and about.

Fear Festival – This was just your standard, run of the mill, clown zone. Don’t get me wrong, a very well done one. Just nothing to go crazy over. If you are into scary clowns, this would definitely be the place for you.

Gory Park – This was by far the best scare zone in the park. The attention to detail was beyond the rest of them. From the toilet paper strung up in the trees, to the zombie puking in the barrel, this zone was great. If you made it to this years PFN, I really hope that you go to walk through this zone!


Haunt Mazes 

Kennyville Cemetery – This was a solid house, and nothing over the top. It is a good haunt, and the scareactor that was wading in the was with the fog, was a super cool effect.

Mortem Manor – This was another good house. The effects in this house were very good. I thought the coolest part about this house, is that if you had to wait in the regular line, they had the original Night of the Living Dead playing on a screen. I thought that added a very nice touch.

Noah’s Ark – This was basically just Noah’s Ark with a few scaractors thrown in. Noah’s Ark is a fantastic walk through by itself, so this was great!

Voodoo Bayou – This was a very cool experience, you actually walk down in the flume of the river rafting ride. I thought this was very unique and a great use of a ride that was not in operation.

Dark Shadows – This is by far the best house. The use of fog in this house is perfect. There are many sections of this house that you can’t hardly see anything. I think it was so awesome. Then there comes the finale. One of the most disorienting bass sounds in the world, and it is fantastic! Something I have never experienced in a haunt maze ever.

Biofear – This was the weakest house of the night, it was just very mediocre, and was a standard story. It was a bunch of lab experiments gone wrong, and now the experiments have taken over the lab. Nothing really original, just an okay house.

Villa of the Vampire – This house was on par with the rest of the quality of the haunt. It was an awesome take on a classic vampire setting. It is in the front of the park, so if you plan on doing it without the Rip Tour (which I don’t recommend on Saturdays) make sure you get in line for this one first.


Friday the 13th 4-D – This was a pretty cool show, and it turned out to be better than I was expecting. It uses scenes from the 2009 remake, and does a decent job at translating that to to the 4-D effects. There were a couple of effects that even shocked me a bit, which was a pleasant surprise.


The event was great, and I highly recommend it. I still stick to my guns on the fact that the Rip Tour made the evening that much better. We thoroughly enjoyed the event, and we like it enough that we may make the trip back to Pittsburgh next year. I know that the haunt season is now over, but if you have any questions about the event, please feel free to ask.

I hope that you enjoyed my review of PFN 2016 and I hope that you will keep coming back to hear more! Stay tuned for more adventures. Peace!












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