Aerosmith Leaving Rock N’ Rollercoaster?

An interesting topic has come up within the last week about RRC. It has been kind of a not welcomed rumor that the Aerosmith theme might be leaving the ride.

This all started with RRC going down for refrub about a week ago, and the rumors have really started to flare up. The ride is set to reopen back on November 14th. Which to be honest, really isn’t that much time when it comes to refurb. Especially with some refurbs that take multiple months.

This being such a huge part of the rides theme, it makes you wonder if these rumors were just fabricated just to get people talking. I am not really sure where this rumor started, but it sure has kicked up some dust. Me personally I can’t see Disney doing this, just look at the big picture here. You got a super popular ride that gets tons of attendance every day. With this much consistency in ¬†popularity, it would be very logical to think that they would keep the same formula. So that’t what I think, and also think about this for a second. You got a ride that has great a theme. If they were to take the Aerosmith theme out of the ride, what would they end up with? With the refurb only lasting a few weeks, there really isn’t any time to re theme with anything major. That is the main reason that I think this is a false rumor. But that is just one mans opinion.

So to sum things up, I think if they were really going to take Aerosmith out of the ride, I believe that the refurb would be much longer. In my opinion, this is just a standard referb, and it will just be to refresh things while Disney has a little bit of down time before the Thanks Giving and Christmas season. Hopefully my opinion is correct, it would be just too weird for Aerosmith not to be there. And if they do end up replacing them, lets hope it is with another awesome band.

You guys have a great day! Peace!

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