Six Flags Great America – Trip Report

This weekend we made the trip up to Gurnee, Illinois to go to Six Flags Great America. The last time we had visited this park was when Goliath was brand new, and we scheduled a stop up there to ride it. And what do you know, it turned out that the ride was closed down because lightning had hit the lift hill and it needed to be repaired!

So this weekend trip, had two goals. Let me take photos and video, and let my Dad finally ride Goliath, and also ride the new Joker coaster.

The park was very crowded, and getting the Platinum Flash Pass was an awesome option, especially since we decided only to get one and just share it. It worked out perfectly and we got to ride all of the rides we were there to ride with little to no wait. Definitely recommend the flash pass, even if you get the gold version. It just helps out so much and definitely makes being at the park on a very crowded day, enjoyable.


So I am happy to report that my Dad got to ride Goliath, and The Joker (which platinum flash pass is required if you don’t want to wait in the regular line). Overall, I think this weekend trip was very worth it. Plus on a positive note, we didn’t even have to drive through downtown Chicago. So that is a pro tip from me to you, if you want to bypass Chicago, just pay the tolls on I-294 (We paid 6.40 total). They do have cash stops available, just be sure to keep your eye out for toll booths. They only give you a 3/4 mile warnings.

I also got to check out the Battle for Metropolis that they have. It is still a great ride, just like the others. I really do enjoy the ride, but this one had really dark screens for some reason. Plus they had too many cars on the track. So we stopped quite frequently towards the end of the ride. Which really is just fine because it doesn’t take away from the ride experience. Just kind of a minor nuisance, and the only real complaint being the screens.

I really do recommend just getting one platinum pass, and sharing it if its only two of you. You could really save some money there, unless you feel that you must ride together.

Another money saving tip that I want to give is a parking saver. We stayed in the LaQuinta right outside of the park. The front desk had told us that it was only about a mile walk to the park, from the hotel.  So we decided that we were gonna save $25 and try this out. Well, it worked out great! There is a little side road that you can use that goes through an awesome little neighborhood. It only took us like 10 mins to get to the park, and we saved 25 bucks! Win-Win. So if you don’t mind walking, or if you don’t have a season pass and want to save the money. Just walk to the park, I highly recommend it! Plus its good exercise!

This was a good trip to the park, and I also got a lot of photos and video footage. So I am happy about that. We probably won’t be back for a while, or until they build something big. glad to have made the trip and I honestly do think the park is worth the visit. They have a great collection of coasters. They will definitely fill your appetite for thrills. Just don’t expect any kind of theming. On a side note, the parks coaster operations were top notch on the day we went. Trains didn’t stay in the station for more that 2 minutes. Very impressed by this as Six Flags is not known for there fast ops.

~Corey Mathery



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