Howl o’ Scream 2017 Full Review!

Just wanted to start this post out by saying that I thought that this event was better overall than last years. For some reason I feel as if they dropped the ball last year, and they definitely got it picked up again.


So I am just going to write a single review for each scare zone, plus one for each of the houses. I will say that most of the houses were really good this year. Plus the fact that there were two news houses, kind of freshened things up a bit.

Scare Zones

Class Deceased – This is one of the three new scare zones for this year, and it was actually a lot of fun. This is the one that takes place right next to the Cheetah Hunt turnaround after the launch. It was full of demented classroom students that were out to get you. I thought this was a nice scare zone!

Carnie Camp – Now this is another one of the new ones. This one takes place down in the area between the bird sanctuary, and the Sesame Street area. It is basically a lot of gruesome carnies that have nothing better to do, than to haunt you. It was a fun scare zone, and my favorite part of the zone is at the end. One of the scare actors says, “You have made it, I am impressed!” Just really cool.

Meat Market – This was the last of the new scare zones. This one was just ok to me, and I think that had more to do with the fact of how many people were running around. There were just too many things going on to really enjoy the area. Although I will say that the characters looked really good!

Wasteland – This is always a cool scare zone, that gives off that Mad Max kind of vibe, which I love. If you like that kind of theming at all, you will love this scare zone. Plus they have these cool leaf blowers, that can really take you by surprise!

Playground – Last but not least is the play ground. I always find this a cool scare zone! It is just neat to see people portraying kids in a really ghoulish and demented way. Especially when they are wielding axes and machetes!


Demented Dimensions – This is one of the two new houses for the year. I did like this one, and I thought that had some cool effects and I also like a lot of the theming inside. But to be frank, I actually miss Zombie Mortuary! I know it sounds a little selfish of me, but now they have taken out two of my favorite house. Zombie Mortuary and The Basement were two of my favs. But I do understand that progress must go on! So I do think this is a good addition to the event!

Undead Arena: Live – Now this is the other new house for the year, which replaced the old clown one. This was a major upgrade and I loved this house a lot. The best thing I saw from this house is choices. I really enjoy that kind of stuff, and I think that it shows a lot more effort when you put that kind of thought into a house. So I highly recommend this house, it is a great new experience!

The Black Spot – Once again back this year, for more pirate mayhem! This is a really nice house, but not much has changed. So if you enjoyed it last year. You should enjoy it again!

Zombie Containment Unit 15 – This is a really cool interactive laser tag style of house where you shoot zombies. They have had this for a few years now and it is still pretty good. But they haven’t changed much, and it has become a little repetitive. Still lots of fun, and make sure you do this one first. There is no Front Line Fear for this house, just VIP. So make sure you get this this asap!

Death Water Bayou – Back again this year, and still a great house. I do enjoy this type of theme. Even though we see it in a lot of places, it is done right here at HOS. So if you liked this kind of theme, or you like the house the past few years. You will not be disappointed!

Unearthed – This is another returning house, and it is a decent one. I do enjoy this house, but my favorite part is before you even get into the actual maze. The giant skeleton is sweet, and is the coolest!

Motel sHELLburn – This was a new house last year at HOS, and it replaced my beloved The Basement! But I absolutely love this house! The facades and everything down to the details are just phenomenal! This is my favorite house of the event, and if you are going. Make sure you do all of the houses, but really make sure you do this one. I just think it is awesome!


Well that about wraps up my thoughts and reviews on Howl o’ Scream 2017. I hope that you got some use out of my reviews! I really enjoyed the event this year. I feel as if they put a lot more effort into it than last. Then again, it was opening weekend, and they may have well just been putting on a good show. But I will give theme the benefit of the doubt. This was a great event, and even if it can’t come close to HHN, it is still worth going to. Especially if you are into horror at all, you shouldn’t miss this event!

Thanks for reading!

~Corey Mathery

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