Small Update!

Hey guys, I know that it has been awhile since I have posted anything. I hope that all of you have been doing very well, and I also hope that you had an awesome 2017 park season! As far as parks go, I had one of the most busy seasons in my life, and it was absolutely awesome. I went to more parks this year, than I have been to in a single year. We went on all kinds of weekend trips, and it was awesome being able to take our trip out west. Hopefully we can get back to Lagoon some day.

So really I have just been spending some time with my family for the holidays, and I will continue to do so as we go into Christmas and New Years. So don’t worry, you are not missing out on anything I have been doing, just been shopping for Christmas, and basically playing games. I do have a video montage planed though. It will be a montage of all the places I visited in 2017, and I hope that you will enjoy it, as much as I think I will. I am going to start working on it soon, and I will definitely be posting it here on my blog. So keep a look out for that a little after Christmas.

Anyways, I hope that you all are doing well, and if you are still going to the winter fest events at your home parks, I hope that you are having a blast. Of course the lucky bunch of you that live in Florida and California, don’t have the winter off season issue haha. Anyways,  whatever you may be doing I hope that you have a great time doing it. As for me, I am going to continue to enjoy the holidays with my family, and this will probably be the second to last post I make for the year. The next post will be my montage, so I  hope you are looking forward to that.

Y’all take care, and have a wonderful day!

~Corey Mathery

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